Ultimate Guide on How to Relax with Cannabis and Avoid the Paranoia


Finding that sweet spot with THC can lead to a relaxing afternoon. Go past it, and you could be in for a ride. If you’re taking cannabis to unwind, know your limits. Research has illuminated one of the fundamental paradoxes of the plant: while it’s consumed to be relaxing, too much can produce the opposite effect. For consumers who want to learn how to relax, it’s essential to understand a little bit of the science behind the de-stressing effects of cannabis.  The golden rule of weed consumption is to start low and go slow. People who take too much cannabis can experience feelings of paranoia, increased heart rate, and even mild panic. For newcomers, it can be tricky to find that sweet spot. The idea is consume only enough cannabis to help you relax, without reaching the tipping point into bad vibes. And now, thankfully, science has evidence-based advice to aid in beating stress and learning how to relax. Science Says Dosing is Important To find this sweet spot of cannabis dosage, University of Illinois at Chicago researchers recruited healthy volunteers who regularly consume cannabis but don’t take it every day.  They randomly dosed the volunteers with different amounts of pure…

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