Le Club Des Hachichins: The World’s First And Coolest Cannabis Club


Paris in the mid-nineteenth century was an achingly cool place to be, emerging as the epicentre of the Romantic artistic movement that produced some of the greatest paintings and novels the world has ever seen. And while Parisian intellectuals gathered in cafes to discuss the latest artistic offerings, those at the forefront of the movement enjoyed their coffee with a generous lacing of cannabinoids at the fabled Club des Hachichins. Possibly the world’s first cannabis club, this regular gathering of artists was without doubt the classiest crowd of marijuana connoisseurs ever to assemble, and included authors like Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and Honoré de Balzac, as well as painters like Eugène Delacroix. Meeting between 1844 and 1849 at the Hotel Lauzun (by invitation only, of course), the artistic elites that made up the club were far too cool for spliffs, and used to drink spiced Arabic coffee laced with copious amounts of hash – or dawamesk, as it is known in North Africa. Related Post 5 Best Bands To Listen To When High From Napoleon To Les Miserables Le Club des Hachichins owes its origins to Napoleon, who invaded Egypt in 1878. It was here that his troops first encountered…

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