Medical marijuana for kids with cancer


Medical Cannabis UK Marijuana, both medicinal cannabis and recreational, is growing more mainstream. Medical cannabis is now legalized in the UK and has been legal since November 2018, the process to receive a prescription is still extensive, but is it worth it? During research we came across much anecdotal evidence to support the fact the medical cannabis if used correctly is the answer but not enough evidence. Ricky Lake in the series Weed The People is one series we recommend people look at especially where cancer and children is involved. We can’t refer to research to medical cannabis helping cure cancer but there is large volumes of evidence that sleep in itself, can help the body recover faster and aid patients recovery.  Perhaps medical cannabis can help people with illness directly or perhaps it just helping people relax and sleep, either way we believe Ricky Lake and the experience these children had with medical cannabis is worth looking into before you decide if a prescription for medical cannabis is something you wish to consider. Weed the People A 2018 documentary called Weed the People explored the potential of medical marijuana for childhood cancers and the regulatory hurdles facing people who…

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