Kiwi CBD company’s sales surge during COVID


Over the last several months, Grayson Hart and Adam Ashe have seen a massive influx of revenue from their CBD business because of COVID-19 concerns. After many years playing rugby, the two men took a turn into entrepreneurship with PureSport CBD. Based in the United Kingdom, PureSport CBD grew out of a desire to help athletes recover faster and stronger. Both men spent many years getting battered and bruised in major rugby games around the world. For treatment, they were often prescribed opioids but aware of the dangers of opioid-addiction they decided to try natural remedies and found success. RELATED ARTICLE: A guide to CBD oil for anxiety – The benefits, dosage and drawbacks CONTINUE READING They then became the first CBD company in the world to have their products tested and certified by the Banned Substance Control Group. In 2020, PureSport CBD has seen a monumental 500% increase in sales. The two believe that this is largely down to people’s worries about COVID-19. In addition to soothing symptoms of inflammation, CBD has been anecdotally described as an anti-anxiety aid. In the year of lockdown and quarantines, the growing popularity of an anxiety-reliever is not that surprising. Referendum and the…

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