NuMeds pilots the UK’s first medical cannabis patient ID card scheme, MedCannID

Cannabis was rescheduled in the UK in November 2018, and patients have been prescribed medical cannabis ever since. As the number of patients who are consuming cannabis legally on prescription for medical purposes increases, there is a need to provide legal patients with a means by which they can identify themselves.

MedCannID is an innovative new service which issues ID cards to patients who have been legally prescribed medical cannabis on prescription by a specialist clinician.
The card is made from flexible plastic and is valid for one year. The card includes a photo ID, unique registration number and holographic tamper-proof seal with embedded numbers and void technology to ensure that each card is unique and verifiably linked to an individual patient. There is also an accompanying mobile app which can be installed on the patient’s smartphone to capture relevant information on the patient and their medical cannabis prescription.

Benefits of MedCannID for the patient
⦁ Physical confirmation that they are a legally prescribed medical cannabis patient providing security against illegal arrest
⦁ Certifies that the patient uses cannabis for medical purposes to authorities including law enforcement
⦁ In the event of medical emergency, medical personnel can be notified of the patient’s cannabinoid intake which is critical for pharmacotherapy in emergencies
⦁ Eliminates stigma at home, rented accommodation and at work by way of confirmation of legal patient status
⦁ MedCannID legitimizes carrying a supply of medical cannabis and equipment for consumption in public
⦁ Quickly proves legal medical status on public transport and customs
⦁ A digital copy of the most current prescription is easily accessible through the accompanying app
Benefits to Law Enforcement from using MedicanID
⦁ Law enforcement officers, transport police or other authorities can very quickly establish the legal status of a medical cannabis patient and avoid liability for potential illegal arrest and illegal seizure of life-saving medication
⦁ The MedCannID app contains details on the amount and type of cannabis that has been prescribed to the patient as a unique ID number ties the patient to the current prescription that has been written

Why is MedCannID so important
There are now hundreds of patients in the UK who are being prescribed medical cannabis, entirely legally, but who may still be subject to checks by members of the police. It can be very distressing for patients to be questioned by police officers for possessing or consuming legal medical cannabis on prescription.

Furthermore, it is a waste of police time and resources to pursue and criminalize patients who are legally consuming medical cannabis
The card is supported by leading cannabis patient advocacy group Patient-Led Education for Access (PLEA). PLEA co-founder Abby Hughes is the first patient to use MedCannID and reflects “MedCannID provides a unique, valuable service for patients like me who have a prescription from a specialist doctor to consume cannabis. PLEA are proud to support initiatives such as MedCannID which improve the quality of life of patients and diminish the stigma that legal medical cannabis patients face”

Alta Flora, a leading developer of healthcare solutions using novel therapeutics, are also supporting MedCannID. CEO Gavin Sathianathan said “MedCannID can provide critical support to patients consuming legal medical cannabis on prescription. We are proud to support this initiative which offers patients an opportunity to identify themselves to society as individuals who are consuming legal plant medicines to take control of their conditions and improve their quality of life.”

Who is eligible for a MedCannID?
Any patient with a valid UK cannabis prescription can sign up to receive the medical cannabis ID card. Find out more and sign up direct at

Numeds Services is the company behind the UK’s first legal medical cannabis prescription dispensed to an adult patient in November 2018. Numeds has been supporting medical cannabis patients with services since 2018. Find out more on

Alta Flora develops healthcare solutions based on technology and novel therapeutics. The company is piloting its app Eva to capture data on medical cannabis consumption and resultant changes in symptomatology and quality of life. Find out more at

PLEA is a non-profit community interest company which advocates for quality of life with medicinal cannabis, enabling patients to access their medicine free from the harms of stigmatisation, geographical inconsistencies and financial barriers. We support research into the safety and efficacy of cannabis-based medicinal products, to enable evidence-based prescription for all.

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