Us|How Texas Accidentally Decriminalized Cannabis

How Texas Accidentally Decriminalized Cannabis

Texas might not have the most punitive cannabis laws in the United States, but no place that logs 80,000 misdemeanor arrests a year can claim to be cool or chill — even if the penalty can range from nothing to jail time depending on local attitudes. While Texas does have a very limited medical cannabis program, efforts to expand that beyond CBD oil or legalize recreational weed outright have failed, meaning possession of 4 ounces or less or sales of 7 grams or less are still misdemeanor crimes. But so what? Misdemeanor bad laws still on the books are no longer enforceable, because the state crime lab is now refusing to waste its time testing tiny scraps of suspected weed for THC. In late January, lawmakers in Austin, the city’s most liberal city, announced small-scale marijuana arrests were off after the Department of Public Safety state crime lab told prosecutors it would take up to a year to see if there was THC in any weed scraps that cops found lying around. Why does it take so long to find out if weed is weed? Outside of testing by private labs, a luxury most governments appear unwilling to indulge, DPS appears to be the only agency able to perform more sophisticated drug tests necessary for low-level busts now that Texas legalized possession of hemp — a legal plant that happens to look and smell exactly like cannabis. The idea was that these petty busts could resume as soon as DPS…

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