Israel Legalizes Vaporizing Weed in Public 

img_2773-1Israel has around 30,000 medical marijuana patients. Until now, those patients had only one place they could consume medical marijuana: their homes.
A recent change to law, however, now allows Israelites to vaporize and eat edibles wherever they go. While patients can’t smoke weed in public, they’ll at least be able to medicate on the move:
The Health Ministry’s medical marijuana unit said that the restrictions caused unnecessary bureaucracy, for example if a patient with a permit went on vacation or changed address, he or she had to apply to the unit for a change in the permit.
“We felt that a lot of bureaucracy was created over nothing,” the head of the cannabis unit, Yuval Landschaft, told Haaretz. [Haaretz]
The only question: why can’t people smoke joints in designated medical areas–in Israel and beyond? Just like there are bars with outdoor patios, the world and people who need weed truly need a spot they can hang out and smoke a joint outside.
Vaping oils is chill–but smoking weed is still the main (and best) method of consumption in the game.

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