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Seattle cannabis shop sells pet-friendly pot products

SEATTLE – A Seattle cannabis shop on Friday unveiled a new, but not fully researched product for pets.

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Vela Cannabis is now selling what they call, “pet-friendly cannabis products” which they claim are pot products pets can eat.

The products are considered “pet-friendly” because they don’t have THC, the main compound in marijuana that gives a high. Instead they have a molecule known as CBD.

“The CBD is non-psychoactive so it has no mental effect on the animal or human,” said Vela Cannabis assistant manager John Ulrey.

“THC is not good for dogs, it’s one of the things you want to avoid. They can have small doses, depending on the weight of the animal. But, you definitely want to take precaution,” said Ulrey. “Because they’re a smaller animal and they have a different digestive system you just really have to be controlled about where you leave things.”

Ulrey said more research needs to be done, but the pet-friendly pot products could be used to treat a variety of ailments similar to those in humans.

“Some of the health benefits that they’re researching is with anti-inflammatory, nausea things like that, there’s a lot of push for fighting back cancerous cells stuff like that,” said Ulrey.

Ulrey did stress that it’s important to talk with your veterinarian before giving your pet any cannabis products.


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