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A Toke Too Far? How to Survive an Overwhelming High
You got too high

It’s somewhere we’ve all been on our way to becoming an experienced stoner and is an unpleasant experience we can all relate to. It’s also something that tends to happen on a relatively regular basis to those trying out cannabis concentrates or super strong edibles for the first time. You do whatever it is you’re doing, you genuinely believe you are in total control of it all and then WHAM…you find yourself on the most mind-blowing, head-spinning high that’s way more than you can handle.
Now, the good thing about getting carried away with cannabis is the fact that anyone with a brain in their head knows that it isn’t actually going to do you any real harm. Instead, it’s simply a case of riding it out and bringing yourself back down to earth as quickly and painlessly as possible. In some instances, you need to quell the high for the simple reason that you really aren’t enjoying yourself. Other times, it could be that there are other people around and you need to take back control, in order to prevent yourself being rendered a gibbering vegetable for the next few hours. There are literally thousands of mistakes and oversights that can lead you into a high you’d rather come down from – even those of an experienced stature sometimes get carried away.
Which leads on to the all-important question – is there anything you can do about it?
In a word, yes. Depending on who you ask, you will no doubt be told all manner of weird and wonderful recommendations as to how you can bring down a soaring high as quickly as possible. In reality however, there are certain tried, tested and trusted methods that genuinely work wonders.
So if you do find yourself in a position where you’ve well and truly crossed the line, give the following a try and you’ll probably find it a lot easier to cope with:

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