USA|Miami Beach Commissioners Vote Unanimously To Ban Public Smoking Of Weed

Miami Beach Commissioners Vote Unanimously To Ban Public Smoking Of Weed

Miami Beach commissioners have voted unanimously to make public cannabis consumption a criminal offense. And according to law enforcement, there’s one rowdy visitor to thank for the new ordinance. Captain Daniel Morgalo says someone climbed on top of a cop car during a “Columbus Day” celebration to proudly smoke a joint. And without that incident, Morgalo stated, there wouldn’t be a new rule to deal with such behavior. But Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber has had his sights on a public weed smoking ban since Florida’s legalization of hemp and Miami-Dade’s partial decriminalization of cannabis began prompting a more relaxed attitude toward marijuana consumption. Some Miami Beach residents and visitors were enjoying their liberties too much, in Gelber’s view, so he pushed city commissioners to pass an ordinance outlawing the public consumption of hemp and marijuana in any form. In Miami Beach, Public Weed Smoking Can Now Put You Behind Bars Over the past few years, municipalities across Florida have passed decriminalization ordinances to reduce simple cannabis use and possession charges to civil offenses. State’s Attorneys have published policy memos stating that prosecutors would drop all misdemeanor marijuana cases. Despite stalled efforts at legalizing recreational cannabis, it seemed Florida officials were at least taking steps to reduce the mass incarceration-fueling enforcement of marijuana laws. Then, on July 1, Florida legalized hemp, bringing state law into line with the federal lifting of the ban on hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill. The move, alongside the increasing adoption of decriminalization ordinances, prompted many state and local law enforcement agencies to basically throw in the towel. Confronted with the difficulty and expense of distinguishing between legal hemp and illegal marijuana in the field, they mostly abandoned efforts to criminalize simple cannabis possession and use. Still, possessing or using cannabis without a medical license…

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