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Think of the children!

The City of Montreal is asking the Quebec government for the power to ban the smoking of legal marijuana at specific festivals throughout the year.

Montreal is currently making the demand at marijuana regulation hearings. Municipal politicians want Montreal to be able to control which festivals will allow the smoking of legal marijuana, as some are geared towards children and families.

Executive committee member Robert Beaudry told Global News that marijuana should be prohibited at festivals like Fete des Neiges, which are specifically geared towards children.

Quebec’s proposed rules on marijuana stipulate that cannabis is generally allowed wherever alcohol can be purchased or cigarettes can be smoked. Since many festivals allow alcohol and cigarettes, the city wants to be able to control the use of marijuana.

“The city is going to have the choice to permit or prohibit,” the use of marijuana at festivals, said Beaudry.

But Montreal doesn’t have this power quite yet and Beaudry did say that the city would be in contact with festival organizers before prohibiting marijuana use.

No comment was made when Beaudry was asked whether Montreal would ban marijuana at major festivals like Osheaga.

Somewhat strange, however, is the fact that the city isn’t acknowledging that marijuana is already present at many festivals, particularly the outdoor ones.

Anyone who’s been to Osheaga would know that policing marijuana use would be an almost impossible task.

Source: Montreal Wants To Ban Smoking Legal Marijuana At Festivals – MTL Blog

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