Mom of daughter with severe autism says cannabis therapy is ‘heaven sent’ – Toronto – CBC News

After a series of violent episodes linked to autism, 19-year-old Dina Dedes struck her father. Her mother, Joanne, turned to a controversial therapy that she says saved her daughter’s life — cannabis.

“That was very disturbing for me because I thought, ‘Oh my God,’ we’ve got to do something,'” Joanne Dedes said. “It’s your child no matter what and when you come to that point you kind of also question yourself. Where have you failed as a parent? Why you can’t control your own child?”

Since Dina was about 10, anxiety and aggression associated with autism has led her to violent outbursts. Dedes showed CBC Toronto holes in the walls of her home where she says Dina bashed her own head in a rage. ​

Joanne Dedes hole in wall

Joanne Dedes, 52, shows a hole in her wall her daughter caused. Joanne also showed CBC Toronto busted light switches her daughter smashed with her fist and a broken pane of glass she threw a couch at. (Paul Borkwood/CBC)

“Sometimes my husband has to tackle her to kind of ground her down. Especially if she throws her body against a wall, me and my husband have to make like a chain link and block the wall so she hits herself on us,” Dedes said.

“Sometimes I have bruises on my body.”

Two times the violent outbursts got so out of control, Dedes says, she called 9-1-1.

Dedes, who says she’s never tried marijuana, started asking physicians for cannabis, after extensive research online.


Source: Mom of daughter with severe autism says cannabis therapy is ‘heaven sent’ – Toronto – CBC News

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