Synergy extracts. Luxury Cannabinoid Concentrates.

Top Quality CBD products hit the UK market

With all the hype about CBD and its amazing health properties, i was naturally inclined to explore the matter and have to this day tried and tested numerous CBD vapes and concentrates. I have mixed crystals with vape liquids and experimented with different viscosity and base mixers to achieve the coolest vaping experience possible with the highest concentration . I have baked with CBD crystals and dabbed crumble plus also used an enail to consume concentrates but to be honest i wasn’t captivated by any of the products out there(or my own high concentrate mixers)

In order to make a full personal assessment of the whole CBD market,  i was drawn to explore the top end of the market to see what a luxury cannabinoid concentrates company is capable of and what sets them apart from the competition.

I had already come across “Synergy Extracts” in the past and i thought that the “advanced cannabinoid delivery system” and the word “luxury” in their tag was enough to make me believe they had that something special i was looking for.

img_7066-1Was i impressed?

You bet i was.!!!! I started off with the prefilled CBD vape pen , the “DAB PRO”

Wow , this pen not only does what it says on the box but i can personally guarantee you the best and fullest CBD vaping experience you have ever tried .  .

The device barely needed a quick charge with the provided USB charger and it was ready and set to last for the duration of the cartridge. After  screwing in the cartdridge again the only thing  you had to do was to literally pull on it . Thats it , there are no buttons to confuse you or a manual to read. This device is straight forward and optimised for ease of use so all you have to do is screw in the cartridge and inhale .

The pen is fully automatic featuring a ceramic core and vapes on demand so no messing around in the dark with 5 button pushes etc.  I chose the “energizing ” version of the cartridge but there are more options on their website like the “Tranquil” and “Focus”.

Now this is the bit that i wasnt ready for.

The vape cloud was insane and the CBD aftertaste was out of this world. There is no comparison .Effortless vaping and very very strong flavours. These guys have achieved the best possible combination of : vape device, coil and concentrate and rightly so they have labeled themselves a luxury item . They are truly one of the best quality CBD products on the market and once you try the Dab Pro you will know what im talking about.

I was so captivated by this little pen that i didn’t put it down and i ended up using it all up in under a week.

Did it help me.?

Even though the box claims that the product is not intended diagnose ,treat, prevent or cure any disease , after a week of daily vaping with the Dab pro , i can honestly say that i have seen a positive change already even though the manufacturer makes no such claims. In my case ,some of my actual chronic back issues have been reduced significantly and a general feeling of wellbeing has been the standard mode for me for the past week.

But there’s more.

Synergy also make CBD crumble and CBD terp crystals at 90% and 85% concentration levels. They have some natural terpenes mixed in to preserve the flavours and they have  FULL SPECTRUM crumble that will fulfill your every CBD need.

Check out the Synergy Extracts website below and click the banner to get yourself some luxury CBD products delivered to your door

by M.Juana



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