UK|Pat Butcher smoking a spliff with nuns on Gone To Pot leaves viewers in hysterics

If you missed ITV’s Gone To Pot tonight, you seriously missed out.

That’s because viewers were treated to Pam St Clement, aka EastEnders‘ Pat Butcher, smoking a spliff… with nuns.

Never thought you’d hear that sentence, eh?

The ITV documentary saw a bunch of celebrity veterans, also including Linda Robson, footballer John John Fashanu, darts legend Bobby George and Christopher Biggins, travel across California to investigate marijuana.

Along the way they met people smoking weed for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

This included trying ice cream laced with marijuana as well as the drug used as massage oil.

But one particularly memorable moment saw them visit a nunnery where they were offered spliffs.

She had a long drag of the spliff (Image: ITV)
Darts legend Bobby George also seemed to enjoy himself (Image: ITV)

And EastEnders legend Pam was quick to have a try.

“That first puff with the nuns,” she told the camera, “You just get so relaxed”.

She later had another try during an art class and admitted: “I got into the most extreme fit of giggles!”



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