Pot Inhaler Reportedly Puts Insomnia Sufferers To Sleep In Minutes

Anyone suffering from insomnia in the UK will now be able to get a brand new cannabis inhaler with the ability to sufferers to sleep in just a few short minutes.

Cannabis To The Rescue

It is a hand-held inhaler named ICANsleep and it works by squirting a small amount of cannabis into the user’s lungs without getting them high. The people who created the product say there’s just enough cannabis to create a sedative effect without any psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis. The reason being , it contains less than a quarter amount of THC that you would expect to find in a typical joint

Trials on humans have tested over 50 people with some amazing results .Just one single puff of the inhaler is its all that is needed for a good sleep.

ICAN, which is made in Israel , puts some substantial claims out there about the device , and they say that the puffer is not only safe, but it doesn’t leave its users with a groggy feeling in the morning, unlike the side effects of most sleeping pills.

“Insomnia is mostly an anxiety disorder, and cannabis can be very effective at reducing anxiety,” CEO Saul Kaye said. “Also, it does not leave you feeling like you have a hangover.”

One of the main investors in the product, William Levine of CannRx, also claims the puffer’s effectiveness in fighting insomnia.

“You take a puff or two depending on the dosage and in 10 minutes you will be drowsy enough to sleep,” he said.

The cost of the device will be £100 and could be available within a year if approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority. It is currently available in Israel and California.

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Source: Pot Inhaler Reportedly Puts Insomnia Sufferers To Sleep In Minutes

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