Medicanja launches six ganja based products|Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Medicanja Limited, the first medical cannabis company in Jamaica and the CARICOM region, today launched its first six ganja based products, which will be available in more than 20 pharmacies islandwide by next week.

It was also disclosed at the launch, which is now underway at the Eden Gardens Welness Spa and Resort in St Andrew, that the products — CanjaCol, Relevium Cream, Relevium Spray, CanjaRub, Somnican and Tivasut — will be used for the treatment of pains, swellings and strains.

Jamaican research scientist, entrepreneur and founder of Medicanja, Dr Henry Lowe said the product launch marks a very important milestone for the stakeholders in general and Jamaica in particular, moving towards greater economic development and sustainability through medical cannabis.

He also noted that the immediate aim is to secure local and international markets for the products as well as to have the company listed on various stock markets.

Medicanja Limited is a bioceutical/ biotechnology company which uses plant and natural resources to manufacture cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals products.


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