Arizona’s first medical marijuana drive-thru opens in Sun City| US

SUN CITY, Ariz. — A dispensary about 30 minutes outside of Phoenix has opened Arizona’s first medical marijuana drive-thru.All Greens in Sun City originally opened its doors on May 2, but introduced the drive-thru on Friday. By Friday evening, dozens of cars lined up outside of the dispensary.Bret Idaspe, All Greens’ sales manager, said the dispensary had been working with the state for nearly five months to allow the use of a drive-thru, becoming the first to open the service.One of their biggest obstacles was making sure the person receiving the marijuana product from inside the vehicle was the medical marijuana card holder.  “You have to be able and reach in there and grab it,” said Idaspe. “That was the stipulation that the state had so we met it.”

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Source: Arizona’s first medical marijuana drive-thru opens in Sun City

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