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Gold standard CBD extracts uk

CBD and its amazing properties is becoming fast the newly fully understood and utilised compound from the cannabis plant that works to heal a number of ailments as well as being a great well being contributing factor to anyone generally consuming it.

With all the fuss , the market suddenly seems to be overwhelmed with CBD products and companies that make very bold claims and have very little to show in terms of quality of their products.

However, some companies stand out from the crowd. One such company based in the UK is Synergy Extracts.  Their CBD oils start out as premium Hemp flowers and are processed with utmost expertise and patience in order to produce the most palatable and tasty CBD oil extracts on the market.

Synergy Extracts are combining high quality legal hemp extracts with terpene profiles to infuse and enrich them. You will struggle to find legal CBD oil extracts of this quality anywhere else in the world and at an amazing price. Every product undergoes vigorous research and development. Quality over quantity

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dabproBelow is some of the information direclty from their website 

We only use unpollinated female hemp flowers in our CBD oil products for maximum essential oil content. When the females are pollinated they switch there energy over to seed production, rendering them useless for us, as terpene and cannabinoid production grinds to halt. Only premium grade A extracts will be found on our website.

100% natural CBD Oils

Subcritical (cold) CO₂ Extracted CBD oils

Our CBD oil concentrates, crumbles and crystals are produced using a cold method of CO₂ extraction which produces a higher quality, terpene rich extract with all the sensitive components intact. No other legal CBD oil on the market will match ours in flavour and quality. Confirmed by many happy customers.


100% natural CBD Oils

Quality Tested

All of our CBD extracts are analysed in one of the most advanced cannabinoid test centres in the world using cutting edge equipment like high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for a highly accurate breakdown of every single component in our phytonutrient rich hemp extract and final product. 100% quality tested legal CBD extracts UK


100% natural CBD Oils

Terpene Enhanced

Our processes allow us to isolate, separate, and retain a number of healthy compounds from a raw extract, rather than isolating only one element. ie CBD and the rest being wasted. Leading to full spectrum terpene rich CBD oil extract.


100% natural CBD Oils

Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO

Every single ingredient in our CBD oils is natural, safe and ethically sourced as well as entirely plant based and full of canna goodness. 100% natural, safe and legal CBD oils.



Synergy Extracts-90%+ CBD Terp crystals-Blueberry Headband-Non-CannaTerps

Pineapple express crumble product

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