Brain-damaged niece of Aston Villa star ‘saved’ by cannabis oil | Metro News

Jayla Agbonlahor, 6, is the UK’s youngest approved user of Class B drugs.She takes cannabis oil to manage her seizures after developing a mystery illness just days after her first birthday.Her life became extremely difficult, as she was unable to walk, talk, eat or drink.But her parents say she has now recovered to a ‘miraculous’ extent, and now smiles while watching cartoons while she hasn’t had a seizure in months.

They credit her recovery to cannabis oil, which they had to obtain on the black market at first because it is rarely prescribed in the UK.Louise Bostock, 33, even faced having her daughter taken from her after she admitted to nurses she had been buying it illegally.

But she and Jayla’s dad Charisma Agbonlahor – brother of Aston Villa star Gabby – have now been given clearance to give their daughter the drug, although they have to import it themselves from Holland. Louise, from Erdington, says she has no regrets about breaking the law as she will do whatever it takes to ease the suffering of her child – who doctors believed would live no longer than four years.

She wants cannabis oil to be made available for those children who, like her own daughter, struggle through prolonged pain. At present, a cannabis-based medicine is available to those suffering multiple sclerosis, but not on prescription. Louise told the Sunday Mercury: ‘Jayla has been allowed to use it, so why haven’t others been allowed to use it? This has to happen. ‘She is my child, she is unique and I will do whatever I can to save her life.’



Source: Brain-damaged niece of Aston Villa star ‘saved’ by cannabis oil | Metro News

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