Medical Cannabis Child Refugees — Why This Shouldn’t Be Happening

What would you do if you knew the medicine that could save the life of your child were legally available in another country? Resign yourself to accepting the situation and make do with what’s available at home, or take matters into your own hands?

An ever growing number of parents are refusing to accept that their geographical location should determine the health of their child. Instead they have decided to uproot their family and travel across state, country borders or even an entire continent to get the treatment they believe will save their child’s life.

One would imagine we’re talking some state-of-the-art medical advancement that’s so new barely any doctors are prescribing it.

But no, families are making these drastic choices for a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years, but it’s only in the last eighty that it has been prohibited worldwide.

Cannabis — the schedule 1 controlled substance deemed lacking any therapeutic use — is the plant in question.



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