How Cannabis Can Make You an Even Better Parent – High Times

Every parent has been there. The baby won’t stop wailing, the dog needs to be walked, your partner is hungry and asking for dinner. What do you do? Feel your chest tense up with anxiety? Grab a glass of wine?A new trend is showing parents using low-dose cannabis as a tool to help them deal with the pressures of everyday life.Let me be clear, these parents are not getting stoned and falling asleep on the couch.

They are using a very small amount of weed throughout the day (many in the morning, instead of coffee) and finding that they are more present, more focused and happier in their daily lives.One in five cannabis consumers (22 percent) are parents, and 63 percent of parents consume cannabis daily.What do we know about the formerly taboo combination of pot and parenting?

Can pot turn us into more patient and more joyful parents?Many parents are even replacing their wine with cannabis at the end of the day: in many cases, a healthier alternative. Parents are 50 percent more likely to replace alcohol with cannabis when compared to non-parents, and 25 percent more likely to replace alcohol with opiate painkillers when compared to non-parents—often a dangerous alternative, as opiate painkillers can easily lead to dependence.

Although cannabis is a natural choice, and people don’t die of cannabis overdoses (as they do from alcohol and opiate painkillers), many in the media are still quick to judge.


Source: How Cannabis Can Make You an Even Better Parent – High Times

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