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Oh the hypocrisy

For much of recent history, the UK has been making headlines with regard to cannabis policy for all the wrong reasons. As much of the United States and various European countries make enormous advances with new cannabis legislation, the UK government continues to bury its head in the sand. Cannabis is still officially labelled a Class-B drug, which according to official documentation means it is a substance with no direct beneficial properties and poses a direct risk to public health.

This, despite the fact that not only does evidence overwhelmingly point to the opposite, but most doctors and leading health officials alike comprehensively support the legalization of medical cannabis.Unfortunately, lawmakers rarely have the same kind of expertise as medical professionals.While things have been moving at a painfully slow pace in the United Kingdom for some time, there’s been an announcement that could see things take a marked turn in a different direction.

Hard to believe as it may be, the UK could soon become one of the biggest growers and processors of medical cannabis plants, ultimately to be used to create prescription medications. A leading biotechnology company has confirmed its intention to significantly increase production of medical cannabis, which could have a marked impact on the UK’s overall contribution to the global medical pot industry.

With a bit of luck, it could also have a huge impact on the way in which the UK classifies and works with medical cannabis, for the sake of millions of patients in need of safe and effective treatment.


Source: UK To Become World-Leading Medical Cannabis Producer – LIWTS

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