Should You Take This Legal Supplement If You Smoke Skunk? – VICE

Like most people who are fond of smoking weed, my knowledge of the topic has increased significantly since the days when I’d sit on a park bench with a tenner’s worth of squidgy. For instance, these days I’m aware that different strains can produce vastly different experiences; from finding a nature documentary mildly more interesting, to eating six packets of Space Raiders, getting lost on a YouTube trail and ending up with targeted ads for “conspiracy T-shirts”.

Over the years, I’ve also learned that cannabis is a complex plant with hundreds of chemical entities. The two best known are THC and CBD: THC gets you high, CBD is the compound that’s been found to help in the treatment of a dizzying number of illnesses and conditions. Interestingly, given weed’s reputation as psychosis-inducing, some studies have indicated that CBD can act as an antipsychotic – although more research needs to be done in this field.So: it’s probably better to get a strain that contains a decent amount of CBD, right? Right.

However, because I can’t be bothered to grow my own or work out how to use Tor, BitCoin or the dark web drug markets, I pretty much get what I’m given – and what I’m given is whatever my dealer decides to give me. So am I putting my mental health at risk?


Source: Should You Take This Legal Supplement If You Smoke Skunk? – VICE

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