Product Earth Expo 2017

Sep 2&3rd 2017

Birmingham. UK

A real milestone for the cannabis community in the UK was the “Product Earth Expo”  which brands itself as a lifestyle event but its a celebration of cannabis culture and a gathering of like-minded people and business entrepreneurs for a 2 day music and cannabis information technology extravaganza.

We had the pleasure of working with the PE crew and we had the place broadcasting live throughout the weekend from the seminar room as well as the arena and other zones.

Beyond the exhibitors and the salesmen and women was the prominent presence of a wide variety of clubs and associations from all over the UK . There were leaflets and freebies and smiley happy people talking passionately about the benefits the wonderful plant.

Further down, a seminar room broadcasting live on the internet a range of seminars and discussions with a great variety of speakers and subjects.

Hopefully we will be seeing an annual gathering of this sort at the least. The wave of awareness is unstoppable so im certain there will be more and more often .

Here are some of the videos we produced with the highlights

from day 1 and 2 .

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