What It’s Like to Own a Cannabis Tour Company | AFAR

More than two dozen states, plus the District of Columbia, now have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form. Michael Gordon is the cofounder of Kush Tourism, a Seattle-based travel resource for the cannabis-curious. Gordon started the company in 2012 because he saw a need: People wanted to know where they could legally consume pot, sure, but they also wanted to learn more about the industry and how it was evolving. In addition to leading behind-the-scenes tours of grow operations and dispensaries in six states (Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and California), Kush Tourism produces digital travel guides that highlight 420-friendly lodging, lounges, and activities. We caught up with Gordon in Seattle to chat about the unique challenges of jumping headlong into this still very young segment of the travel industry.


Source: What It’s Like to Own a Cannabis Tour Company | AFAR

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