This Weed Olive Oil Makes Everything Better – MUNCHIES

On a recent mild mid-summer night, my friends gathered in a Los Angeles backyard for a pizza party. Some people brought the host wine. I brought the host drugs—in the form of Pot d’Huile, a California-grown, cannabis-infused olive oil. Pizza was made, wine was poured, and weed was drizzled.

Pot d’Huile checks a lot of boxes for the millennial food aficionado. It’s a THC-filled extra virgin olive oil made with California-grown olives and California-grown cannabis. Yannick Crespo, a former finance guy, wanted to create an edible product that was easy to use and easy to control, but didn’t know how to realize his dream. “We needed a scientist to actually create this product,” Crespo told me.

Crespo turned to Allison Comiso Bordsen, a biochemist and molecular biologist with experience experimenting in the cannabis space. “She makes the magic in the bottle,” Crespo said. “She came up with the formulation, she did all of the testing, and was able to create something dosage specific.”


Source: This Weed Olive Oil Makes Everything Better – MUNCHIES

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