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Medical marijuana packaging is a new frontier. And Jeff Johnson, founder, owner and design of Replace in Minneapolis, has just completed a brand and packaging system for Vireo cannabis products. It is incredible to think that what was once illegal and sold in plastic bags now has a bona fide design system.

I asked Johnson to discuss the project. During our conversation he also mentioned his venture Replace Everything: “It is my answer to Threadless, which I believe to be corrosive to the soul of both design and designers. Threadless … chooses from tens of thousands of free designs, picks the best and sends pennies on the dollar to the ‘lucky’ designer,” he explains. “I loathe that model.

After the election we all responded in different ways. I responded by beginning to put my massive 25-year design archive for sale to fund five great charities. 50% of all the profits from Replace Everything goes to five awesome charities. There are several Minneapolis businesses that have moved to this model. We have put a lot of time and money into this new model—and I simply love it.” Now, let’s get back to the marijuana.


Source: Weed is Not Grass Anymore – Print Magazine

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