A New Course for Cannabis Careers | Cannabis Now

Do you want to work in the industry ? Legalisation brings jobs through all the stages of the system from Production, Cultivation,Retail, Quality Control , Licensing and so many more new sectors.When it comes to certain nebulous concepts, we just know them to be true. For example: legal cannabis is becoming increasingly normalized.But how do we know legal weed is more normal now than it was years ago?

For one, polling tells us as much — more Americans believe in marijuana’s medical uses and think cannabis should be recreationally legal than did a decade ago, according to Gallup and Pew polls.

That’s normalization.But there are other metrics by which we can measure legalization’s steady creep into the norm, and one of those is how we react to the many careers that have recently been created by marijuana’s debut in the heavily-regulated mainstream.


Source: A New Course for Cannabis Careers | Cannabis Now

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