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WOW. I VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING THIS BIG IN MY LIFEOregon medical marijuana growers are allowed up to six plants per patient, and many patients grow for themselves. So if you’re an experienced and ambitious grower, but you’re only allowed half a dozen plants, what do you do? You grow them really, really big.Under the RadarThe Pacific Northwest grows some of the world’s best marijuana, and legalization in Washington and Oregon has legitimized this rapidly expanding industry.

Huge green crosses now advertise cannabis businesses along I-5, and the region’s green rush has been augmented by legalization in California, creating a sold green bloc of legal West Coast states. Competition has lowered prices, but the demand remains high, especially for organic, pesticide-free, medical-grade cannabis.Southern Oregon, a prime growing region, has flown under the radar for many years—perhaps for as long as Northern California has been celebrated as the capital of cannabis horticulture.

But that’s just fine with Oregon’s southern growers, who rightfully boast that their weed is at least as good as Cali herb, and their trees every bit as tall. The lack of national notoriety has hardly prevented them from selling everything they can grow to eager buyers.In Southern Oregon, 15-foot cannabis plants—growing in fertile soil under intense sunshine and torrential rain—are not uncommon.

Any myth that fat 16-inch colas are less potent than smaller buds is instantly dispelled by a puff on the region’s justifiably popular varieties. Some are grown here exclusively, and clones of these proprietary strains are shared among trusted groups of growers establishing their now-legal regional cannabis brands, much like winemakers protect and promote their varietals. Organic soil, clean water, premium amendments and lots of sun are the keys to successful growing here.


Source: Giant Plants of Southern Oregon – High Times

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