Patients Find Freedom From Fibromyalgia Pain With Cannabis | Marijuana

When I first met Vicki, I connected with her right away. Comfortable in her own skin, I knew that if it weren’t for our professional relationship, we might have been friends.

She was struggling when I met her, taking several medications and strapped financially as she had no decent health insurance to cover her pre-existing conditions after being laid off.

Despite her serious medical conditions, she was very positive with a great attitude.As a business development consultant and one of the few women in an industry dominated by men, Vicki had sought medical help 20 years earlier for intense pain in her right shoulder and neck as well as constant flu and cold symptoms.

She was put on pain medication and eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. She tried a number of different medications but never felt well as the medications had many unwanted side effects.

She couldn’t drive on the pain medication, was “out of it” during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. She struggled with the decision to continue taking the medications and suffer the side ……………..


Source: Patients Find Freedom From Fibromyalgia Pain With Cannabis | Marijuana

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