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Nico is one of the world best growing advisor . Check out the reader question and his answer below.Hello! I’m looking to grow and originally I was either going to purchase a tent or grow box from BC Northernlights. Unfortunately, the guy going half with me is now starting to back out due to the pricing. I do not have much money by myself (looking to spend about $500- $600 at the max), and I am trying to find a way to grow by myself in a small area.

I am unsure whether I should buy something like a tent or a box that comes with everything (quality ones are out of my price range), or if I should purchase the materials individually and put it together.

Controlling the smell is a big factor. I am inexperienced at growing, but I have been reading for the past year about the process, and I have worked with soil and smaller plants before. Could you offer any advice please? Thank you for your time and have a great day.— PoeticSoul via


Source: Nico’s Nuggets: Grow Box vs. Grow Tent – High Times

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