Isle of Man | Jail for young man with a bright future

Brutal punishment of 2 years and 9 months and an end to a bright future for a young man by the judge put there to protect him .When will we wake up and put a stop to this

A teenager with bright academic prospects and no previous convictions has been jailed after admitting six drugs offences.Deemster Alastair Montgomerie told Jacob William Troy Brand the law left him with little alternative but to send him to prison, given the gravity of the offences.The 18-year-old, who, the court heard, has 10 GCSEs and was studying an ICT course, admitted two offences of possessing cannabis, one of possessing ecstasy, supplying ecstasy and possessing it with intent to supply, and supplying cannabis.

Deemster Montgomerie told Brand, who was a finalist in the Junior Achievement’s Next Big Thing in 2015: ’Your conduct since your arrest has been exemplary and it is regrettable that you now have drug trafficking on your record, and that you have come in with such high level offences that give me very little room to manoeuvre.


Source: | News | Isle of Man

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