7 Lipsticks That Can Last Through a Blunt Session – High Times

Let me set the scene. You are at a party, you layered on your flyest lipstick and are looking like a bad bitch. You’re smiling, getting your flirt on, doing your thing. Then (finally) joints start getting passed around, and you hit them all because duh. You’re stoned, you’re confident, this party is great.

You saunter into the bathroom an hour later to see that said joints left a gaping hole of ugly where your lipstick once was. It’s a damn shame.So what’s a stoner chick to do?One should not have to chose between fabulous lipstick and hitting that blunt. Maybe we can have it all.

May I present you with the great lipstick/joint case study—what brands can last through a smoke session and which just don’t cut it.Lucky for you, I tried many of them, ranging from specialty brands to drugstore classics. Blunts, joints and bowls, I smoked them all in my favorites lip picks. And I did it for you.Ranked from worst to best performing, take a look and wear accordingly.


Source: 7 Lipsticks That Can Last Through a Blunt Session – High Times

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