5 Women-Focused Cannabis Brands to Watch | Cannabis Now

More and more women making a positive impact on the cannabis industry and leading the way in this male dominated market.The growth and expansion of the legal cannabis industry is creating a new crop of industry leaders, with women occupying more of those leadership roles than in any other industry. So it’s no surprise that there are several companies founded by and/or geared towards women in cannabis.

Cannabis consumption has traditionally been a male dominated arena. For both illicit and legal cannabis use, advertising and events have focused on appealing to the young male demographic. But as legalization continues to normalize cannabis use, we are seeing more and more women join the marijuana movement.

Recent studies show that the gender gap in cannabis use is narrowing, and women are becoming an increasingly crucial segment of the cannabis market: Data from an Eaze study shows women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the cannabis space

And according to a brand study released by Canna Ventures, women are also more likely than men to visit a dispensary more than twice a month.


Source: 5 Women-Focused Cannabis Brands to Watch | Cannabis Now

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