2,500-Year-old Marijuana Discovered in an Ancient Tomb / CannaSOS

Our history in intertwinned with that of cannabis for all the logical medical benefits as well as the history of hemp and the use for spiritual practisesA 2,500-year-old stash of whole marijuana plants have been unearthed from an ancient tomb in northwest China. This discovery adds to a growing body of evidence that ancient people used marijuana for its psychoactive properties, and incorporated it into their rituals.The Plants Were Found Lying Like Burial Shroud!A team of archaeologists, led by Hongen Jiang with the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, discovered 13 marijuana plants that were still largely intact, if yellowed and desiccated after millennia underground. In a first for funerary marijuana, the plants were found lying like a burial shroud atop the body of a man who had died in his mid-30s. Their roots lay below the man’s hips and the tips — which had been trimmed to remove the flowers — extended up around his face, according to the publication of the find in the journal Economic Botany.


Source: 2,500-Year-old Marijuana Discovered in an Ancient Tomb / CannaSOS

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