Teenager dying of cancer ‘recovers after mother gives him cannabis oil’ | The Independent

Deryn Blackwell during his cancer treatment (Twitter / @_doeverything)

Scientists have called for further research into the effect of cannabis compounds on cancer cells after a teenage boy who was given the drug by his mother survived the disease.Callie Blackwell said she decided to give cannabis to her son Deryn, who was suffering from a rare, aggressive form of leukaemia, to ease his pain and anxiety as he lay dying in a hospice.

After unsuccessfully requesting a prescription for a cannabis-based painkiller from a doctor, Ms Blackwell and her husband Simon met a dealer in a service station to buy some cannabis, which they prepared at home in a pressure cooker using instructions found online.

Source: Teenager dying of cancer ‘recovers after mother gives him marijuana’ | The Independent

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  1. I would also check out the Johanna Budwig diet. She was a German scientist who created a diet to be used with cancer patients. Non-cancer patients can use it also, in a reduced form, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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