How start-ups in Germany are turning to weed | Euronews

The marijuana business in Europe is experiencing a gold rush – but this time it’s legal.At Germany’s largest fair of cannabis products, the “Mary Jane Berlin exposition”:, around 150 exhibitors from around the world showcased their products. Thousands of visitors attended the three day exhibition, but many were not the stereotypical kind of pot-smoking consumers. Many were instead men and women in suits looking for business opportunities.The boom is coming from cannabis-based food and nutritional products as well as cosmetics and clothing, which are increasingly entering the consumer markets. Applications for use in medicine and therapy have also increased. All are made with weed ingredients promising better health without inhaling. The surge in start-ups comes ahead of new rules in Germany which from 2019 will allow a wider medical use of cannabis.


Source: How start-ups in Germany are turning to weed | Euronews

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